Salter Wedding 264

We specialize in photography for weddings, portraits, and engagements

"Photography is more than just taking a picture, its about capturing memories and letting you revisit them whenever you want."

The name might be a little funny, but I'm serious about photography and will do anything to get that elusive perfect shot. I've climbed trees, dangled on a rope on the side of a cliff, and braved single digit temperatures in the snow while chasing down the perfect shot. 

Like many photographers, I'm constantly trying to master the different forms of photography; from weddings, portraiture, and special occasions, to landscapes, sports , and long exposure. What intrigues me about photography is the endless options and styles that can be used to capture a photograph. I love that I'm only limited by my own imagination and the fantasy of finally getting that perfect picture is what keeps me coming back for more. That's what motivates me to try my hardest to get that perfect shot for you. Whatever your occasion might be, rest assured that I'll be working my hardest to capture that special moment so you can revisit it for years to come.

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